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Why Play D&D?

By becoming someone else, you can find so many new parts of yourself.

Dungeons & Dragons is all about assuming the persona of a hero to embark on an adventure larger than life. The only limit in these fantasy worlds is our imagination, and after a few sessions of dice and dungeon diving you'll cherish the memories you make at the table as though you lived them yourself. 

By forming a party with your friends, you can interact with an expansive world filled with anything you desire! One of the best parts of playing Dungeons & Dragon is that the world that you inhabit is yours to create, and Dungeon Masters' role is to craft a world with their players. 

Benefits for Youth

Besides Dungeon Mastery and Game Design, my professional background is originally in education; I have experience as a 5th grade classroom teacher, behavioral therapist for young children with autism, and director of a sleepaway camp for teens. D&D has been widely regarded as beneficial for the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication skills; in my games with youth, I find the implementation of common core standards across disciplines to be seamless.

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