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Conservatory of Courage

The Zeldraun-Bronstein Conservatory of Courage for Young Heroes is welcoming its newest class of would-be adventurers to campus, and you've been accepted! Pack your bags and make your way to Avaris, a world between worlds, to learn the ways to power from the paragons of your chosen field of study. Find your friends and leave a legacy on the school.... as long as you can make it to graduation! 



In the Jungles of Yunque, ancestral power lies deep. The land is not merely a thing too be owned, but a living spirit to be honored and revered. Many have made attempts to conquer the Island of Enchantment that holds this mighty rainforest, but none have been able to overpower the native forces who live to defend the land. For their service, the spirits have granted the natives mystical control of the elements around them, a relationship that they do not take lightly. This year marks the 500th anniversary of the magical imbuement, but all is not to be celebrated as a courier from the cropkin arrives with dark news of impending doom. Arm yourselves with the power of the land as you work to defend your land from an invasion in this island adventure!

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